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Sign Party in a Box


What's included?

Each person has the choice between 2 different sizes - a rectangle that's about 12x19 or a square that's about 12x12.  Both of these will be 1/4" thick wood, making them lightweight to ship, hang, etc!  Anyone can choose from any of the designs on this site.  In the kit, there will be all the supplies needed to make the sign including instructions!  The only thing that you'd need is some craft paint of your choice!  (any kind will do - those little bottles from the crafts stores or walmart work perfectly).  If you choose to hang it, just grab a command strip and you'll be good to go!  Or just set on a shelf to display nicely.

What's the cost?

 The price is $29/sign for the stenciled signs and then just a flat rate shipping of $10, regardless of the number of signs.
​(5 minimum). 


What's the next step to get started?

Just click the box below and put SIGN PARTY IN A BOX in the subject line or email

We will respond with a google form that you can share with your guests so they can choose their designs, pay for their project, etc!  We ask for a week to prep materials before we ship.

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